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What could the future of humanity be?
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Supriya Rai

Supriya Rai received her doctorate from Mumbai University in 2008, on Buddhist meditation. She is currently Acting Director at the K. J. Somaiya Centre for Buddhist Studies. Her areas of interest are Buddhist meditation, Central Asian Buddhism (particularly the work of Kumarajiva), Buddhist ethics, gender issues in Buddhism and socially engaged Buddhism. In pursuit of the latter, she has been instrumental in setting up an outreach centre at the Somaiya factory near Shirdi, in collaboration with Ven. Dhammadipa, a Buddhist monk from the Czech Republic; the project aims to facilitate mind and body wellness in the community as well as assist with livelihood support. The building has attracted international attention for its innovative design and materiality and reflects the philosophical underpinnings of the project itself. Currently, she is working on a research project for ICPR that seeks to analyse the path of the Śrāvaka as depicted in the Visuddhimagga of Buddhaghosa and the Śrāvakabhūmi chapter of the Yogācārabhūmiśāstra ascribed to Asaṅga.
But these are all veils and illusions. In the ultimate analysis, Supriya Rai is a dreamer who loves the rains and Hindustani classical music.

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